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Heike Amma Farkas is a certified Integral Yoga Teacher since 1993 and an Integral Teacher Trainer in Germany since 2002. She is the author of Partner Yoga, published in German.

As the head of the Integral Yoga Centre – Augsburg, Germany, she has been teaching children and adults with great joy and enthusiasm. Her background and experience as a school teacher, certified massage therapist and naturopath is beautifully influencing her Yoga teaching. But her real strength and inspiration is rooted in the deep devotion to Sri Swami Satchidananda, who she met miraculously 1990 in Alaska during her extended travels and who transformed not just her life, but her name immediately to "high key".



IY Centre address 
Singoldhalle Bobingen
86399 Bobingen / Germany



Telephone number: 0049 8232 909581

ZeitRaum Centre in Ascholding has over 10 regular Yoga and Meditation Classes each week 

In the bavarian countryside, south of Munich, surrounded of primal nature - right in the middle of a beautiful landscape with rivers, mountains, forests and open land.

Tanja Tara Vogt, certified Integral Yoga Teacher since 2009, is deeply affected by the teachings after Sri Swami Satchidananda. To live Yoga means for her to feel yourself and what is needed for Body and Mind

to face yourself and others with estimation to be conscious and attentive. That is what she is sharing with great joy and belief in her teachings.

IY Centre Address:

Grabenwiese 19, 83623 Ascholding

Bavaria, Germany





+49 – 8176 – 997 9470


Regina Bauer - Vidya

Hatha  I/II Yoga Teacher

Email :

Bobingen Germany



Helga "Santoshi" Krotzek

Hatha  I/II Yoga Teacher

Gronau, Germany




Sylla Cousineau (Arjuna)

Hatha I/II Yoga Teacher

Email :

Freiburg, Germany




Full teachers directory coming soon


Karen Luchini 

Hatha  I Yoga Teacher

Hamburg 22765 Germany


Meleyan Hanuman Ivosevic

Hatha I




Eva Pfiffner (Devajyoti)

Hatha I/II Yoga Teacher & Stress Management

Town: Stadtbergen


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