Surrendering Through Yoga by Stephan Siva Trefzer (ebook)

Stephan Trefzer - Director of IYC Swindon & Senior Integral Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Siva's journey with Yoga began around 1984 and started his ‘formal’ practice of yoga in 1992.

Siva graduated as an Integral Yoga® Teacher at the Satchidananda Ashram and Headquarters of Integral Yoga® Institutes in Buckingham, Virginia, USA and has completed over 730 hours of teacher training. Siva is a senior teacher and teacher trainer in Integral Yoga. He also works as a Lead Back Pain, RSI and Ergonomics Consultant for the company Workers and Workstations and recently designed and founded the Sunburst Meditation Cushions.Upon Siva's last meeting with Sri Swami Satchidananda in July 2002, he received the blessings to open an Integral Yoga® Centre. The Swindon Centre is dedicated to honour and continue the teachings.

Surrendering Through Yoga by Stephan Siva Trefzer (ebook)

by Stephan Siva Trefzer

In this book Stephan Siva Trefzer shares some of his personal asana practice and his path to surrender. Most of the practice is an inward journey and therefore cannot be shown but which can he shares freely. Click here to read more and to purchase book


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